Dear Parents

The College Guides would like to remind our DP1 and DP2 students and their parents of the following over the Christmas break

DP1: Outstanding Assignments

  • Discuss university destinations with parents, affordability, programme of study with parents before you return next semester. DP1 parents will be invited for a one-on-one meeting next semester to discuss the college application process.
  • Update brag sheet, complete college essay and study smart-
  • Study for SAT and ACT- be ready for next test dates- February ACT, March SAT 2019!


DP2:  TO DO list over the Christmas break

  • Spend Christmas Break wisely-Study Smart! Final IB Examination is just around the Corner!
  • Get some rest!
  • Follow up on university application and respond appropriately that college guides are on Christmas break should requests come in after this week, and we will respond when we resume in January, 2019.
  • All outstanding documents should be submitted before you leave for Christmas Break this week.
  • Submit all Financial aid applications- FAFSA, ISFAA, COF, CSS Profile, IDOC, et cetera
  • Submit official ACT & SAT Scores to your universities from College Board and ACT website, paying with a credit card, ahead of all deadlines
  • Fill and update the IBIS form- posted on ManageBac

Seasons Greetings