Dear Parents

Digital assessment is an area that has been explored within the IB through the eAssessments in the Middle Years Programme (MYP). It was in this regard, that TIS in the second semester of the 2018-2019 academic year introduced a digital assessment tool, AssessPrep (AP). It was to assist students to prepare for the eAssessments at the end of MYP. However, students (the digital natives) and colleague teachers alike were thrilled by the experience of undertaking assessments online and since then, AP has been one of the assessment tools used in TIS.

Assessment is a key aspect of an IB education. The use of digital assessments in these difficult times is therefore encouraged as a means to enhance students’ learning. AssessPrep provides a good opportunity for students to be assessed remotely. Because it is a digital platform, it allows the use of media-rich resources, such as videos, audio, images and graph tools, matching and sorting tools, equation editor, etcetera, which enhance the assessment experience.

How does it Work?

AssessPrep is already integrated into ManageBac (our online learning management system) which means, students can log in without needing to create another user detail. It can work in both offline and online situations. The offline version is used for high-stake or summative assessments, such as tests and term exams. The online version, on the other hand, is recommended for formative assessments, such as homework, class exercises, quizzes, etcetera. Students do not require the internet to complete the offline assessments even though there is now the opportunity for live invigilation through video conferencing tools such as ZOOM, Meet, Microsoft teams, and others.

How do students set up and take the test?

  • Search for AssessPrep:
  • Sign in with
  • Download and install the offline version. Constantly check for updates and
  • Ensure that you have your student code (supplied to all students by close of day on Tuesday, 12 May, 2020), Access code, and Test ID before you start any
  • Some assessments may require the use of headsets so get them on
  • During assessments, it is recommended that you connect your laptop chargers and close all browsers except for AP and ZOOM (in the case of live invigilation).

Supporting Students

To assist our G11 students to leverage the opportunities digital assessments via AssessPrep offers, virtual training was held on Tuesday, 12 May, 2020. Several questions on how to use AP for summative assessments including the end of semester eAssessments were answered by the team. Teachers have been advised to provide practice assessments on AP for students to familiarise themselves with the interface and to improve their typing skills. This is a learning curve for our G11 students, but certainly second nature to the rest of the students especially the experienced MYP5 students. Therefore, the Principal during this week’s virtual assembly reached out to the Grade 10 students to share their experiences and best practices with their friends in Grade 11.

Do not be surprised if the IB sooner or later, moves in the direction of eAssessments for the Diploma Programme as they have already conducted research to assess the viability of this option. Currently, there is the option of students taking Online DP courses via Pamoja (which is an online education company that provides online learning solutions) and already, a TIS student is studying DP Film using the online model, via Pamoja. The use of technology to drive education will see a surge post-COVID-19 if not already happening. Thus, all stakeholders must support our young people in this direction.

Ben Darko (DP Coordinator)