Dear Parents

In our first lesson in the Grade 10 digital design class, students were asked to reflect on their journey in digital design. This gave students to the opportunity to look back at how far they have come in appreciating the design cycle and also applying it to solve problems.

My motto for digital design is “You need to get a 2 before you get an 8.” This I learned the hard way. The first semester of digital design was horrible.   I was completely lost and barely surviving. The first grade I got in the school was from Digital Design, and let’s just say it was nowhere near my personal best. But that just pushed me to do and be better. For the rest of the year, as I watched many people drop out of the class, I stuck with it and worked hard – through prep and docking time – to earn the marks I knew I deserved. Then I got my first 7, and I was overjoyed! And I continued getting them as long as I worked harder and harder. Digital design has taught me website design, logo making, and video editing. But it also taught me perseverance, the impact of hard work, and self-management. When I go outside of the class, I can still feel its footprint on me. Now I can’t look through websites without critiquing its navigating tabs or colour palettes. And I definitely cannot watch YouTube videos without hating those transitions. It’s also improved my grades in other classes, as I’ve seen myself refuse to give up on my assignments. I have Mr. Akortah and my classmates to thank for the engaging conversations (and arguments) that push me to think outside my comfort zone and be a better Lena. The class may just be Digital Design on the outside, but every student knows it is so, so much more than that. (Lena Dodoo)

When I started Digital Design, I found most of the concepts difficult to understand but through the help of my friends and awesome teacher Mr. Akortah, I began to grasp the concepts and by the second unit I treated, I felt ok.

Digital Design has helped me appreciate the effort that goes into the everyday items I see such as websites, adverts and even 30-second videos.

Now I go around looking at little issues and say a website could solve this or an ad. Digital Design makes me feel like an Engineer of Change. (Cyril Davis)

I began the first semester of Digital Design, confused and lost. But gradually with a lot of questions help from Mr. Akortah and the internet, things began to fall in place. I progressed and improved especially on Criterion B and C. It was fun to think of problems and create solutions to them. I am also grateful for my class and for their brilliant ideas which pushed me to think outside the box.

During my summer, I began to appreciate the art of content creation and the graphic design. This allowed me to think of new ways to improve and adapt products to suit audience and solve problems (e.g.  Adverts)

This year I hope things would be exciting and my love (sudden love) for this subject would grow. So YES, to the long essays, fun class conversation and diverse ways of content creation. (Naa Adjeley)

1st Unit – Put it on the web

This summer brought challenges such as putting things on the web. This time it was videos on social media rather uploading text on a website. Most of the videos I created to visualize my beats were also in 16:9 rather than the famous square 1:1 Instagram ratio. This meant that I had to find a chain of apps online which I could use to change the sizes without losing parts of the picture. This was not the best choice because the group of apps I wanted to use were not straightforward and this made me criticize the vagueness of functions. I could see all things that needed to fixed on the website.

2nd Unit – Corporate Identity

This summer it was difficult to multitask personal project, making beats alongside other hobbies as well as making cover illustrations and logos for my myself. I asked someone in a team I was to do something   original [a logo] for me but it did not meet my preferences and requirements; moreover, he was busy. These challenges meant that I had to use my old logo which contains an unoriginal photo which is not safe because of an issue such as copyright infringement.

3rd Unit – Do not Litter

I regularly oversee work which is done at a building site to pass time. The first problem that the is the amount of waste created there includes organic matter and building debris however these are not disposed of properly and I feel like we should find a way to recycle the materials. There is a book where we write down some useful stuff. We could also put those types of information in excel but not all the workers employed would be able to access it. I felt the need to design fill-in sheets and more importantly an app to log in data such as numbers (money) which need to be monitor crucially for such a project. This is just the first set of problems that would make me think of a solution through the means of digital design.

My experience in the digital design class has been frankly amazing and I will encourage to do it. It wasn’t the easiest journey, but I am glad to say that I tried. (Kelvin Ahiakpor)

Starting first semester, I wasn’t too sure how to go about it and my marks weren’t the best. I was ready to quit, and the only thing that was keeping me in the class, was my inability to do any other art. But with some help from Mr Akortah and my fellow classmates, I was able to finally grasp it.

The second unit was better, but not by much. I managed to learn from previous mistakes and I got a better mark than previously. I followed this method, till eventually I got a mark I was fine with. At this point I am very proud to say that I am getting acceptable marks.

I couldn’t have done this without Mr Akortah and my classmates. (Nana Ama Boakye)

Thank you for choosing TIS.