Dear Parents

For Students Who Remain on the TIS Domain
You can be removed remotely
1. Internet connection.

2. Email request to be removed from the TIS domain to: [email protected] Within the email, add a mobile contact number that has WhatsApp.

3. Student visits and downloads and installs the client software.

4. There will be a direct contact with student via mobile /WhatsApp during configuration.

5. After download, the student will send IT staff the code and allow IT access to their desktop. The student will be able to see it onscreen.

Collecting Personal Belongings From The Hostels

Unfortunately, students will not be returning to hostels before the start of the new academic year in August.

Consequently, students will need to collect the remainder of their belongings by 14 June.

In some cases, belongings can be packed up by Hostel Parents and left with security for collection.

In other cases where students have not kept their belongings where they should be (for example, sports shoes), it is too difficult to determine ownership without any form of personal identification.

The collection of personal belongings may occur on Saturdays and Sundays until 7 June, or during the week of 8-12 June, under the following conditions.

1. One student per hostel will be allowed entry at an agreed time for a maximum of 15 minutes. Not being punctual forfeits your time slot.

2. Contact the relevant Hostel Coordinator, Aunty Setor or Uncle Gabriel, to schedule an agreed time.

3. You must be wearing a face mask and observe all health requirements while at TIS.

4. Practise patience as you await your scheduled time to be provided.

Students who do not reside close enough to collect your belonging their Hostel Coordinator who will store your belongings until we see you next.

Have a great week. Stay safe