Dear Parents

The beauty of computer science is how easily the concepts we learn in class can be actualised in the everyday technology that we use. A classic example of this came during the Thursday computer science lesson on Databases. Here, we learnt how to manipulate/edit databases using SQL- and because it is something that exists in the very programs that we use. It was interesting to watch the lines of code change from utter gibberish into things we could understand and use.

The lesson was a very productive one as we all improved not only our knowledge and understanding but also our critical thinking skills- we were prompted on multiple occasions to solve unfamiliar using our basic knowledge. It was a challenging and fulfilling experience that I can’t wait to experience again. [Charity Apreku]

In computer science on Wednesday, we studied SQL (structured query language) commands. We learnt how to create, update, delete from, and add to database tables which will be essential knowledge for our internal assessments which may require the use of a database. When we finish this topic, I intend to apply this knowledge to improve my programming skills for my internal assessment.

Although I have studied SQL before, it was not at this level of complexity so, I struggled a bit at first, but came to understand it as the lesson went on. For me, the hardest part of the SQL commands were the inner joins which were hard to understand at first but made sense after Mr. Fudzagbo explained them. I believe learning things like this are extremely important as we can apply them in the real world. [Elrad Martin-Lawson]

What if you could control the figures seen or not in your end of semester report? I am not talking about using a black marker but control from the foundation of the numerical representation we see. The Computer Science lesson on SQL I had was really fun and an interesting practical lesson. I finally learned about one of the greatest things I have wondered about, the building block of a database system.

My personal experience with this new programming language was not so welcoming as I am more conversant with HTML and Visual basic codes. However, it was fun applying knowledge from those other programming languages in SQL and receiving different and also weird outputs.

Understanding my programming errors was the best part, investigating each line of the code helped develop my understanding of the SQL programming language and made me more conversant with it. I saw this exposure to be a positive challenge in my computer programming venture. [Darin Sarpong]