Dear Parent

One Hand One Smile

This group was the first to complete their community project. They had so many plans when they decided on the goal, but the outcome of their plan could not yield all of their goals. This group were studiously looking forward to renovating the learning area at the home. The deplorable state of the classroom was what drove this process opened roof, plywood board, poor lighting, faulty fan, poor ventilation, dirty walls and a warm ambience. One Hand, One Smile collectively managed to repaint the walls and change the wood board to a white board. Additionally, they made learning posters and whiteboard dusters, and purchased white board markers. They felt proud and wished they could do more according to their initial plan, but their fundraiser realized GHC563 which was just about enough to achieve half the loaf. They linked their project to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) no. 4 Quality Education. They believe by virtue of their project, they have contributed in their own way by ensuring that the children at the home receive a certain level of Quality Education. They impressed patrons at their stand with their before and after photos and they were greatly applauded for their positive impact into the community.


This project has really been effective and fun, mainly the fact that we got to help orphans. During the Community Project, the main ATL skill we focused on was Self-Management and the skill cluster was Organization. We were able to use organizational skills by making sure that we were available and on time at every meeting. We finished our learning materials (posters) on time for the trip. Two IB learner profile attributes evident were caring and knowledgeable. We were really touched by how the children were learning and we used knowledge from subjects like visual arts, design and language and literature to be able to make the learning materials to enhance the classroom at the Orphanage. Ewuraba, Moyosola and Thomas

Let Them Play

This project is by Kofi and Eugene who looked deeper at the social wellbeing of the children at Save Them Young. According to this group during the investigative stage, they realized the children fight each other at the least chance. They deduced this to the theory that it might be due to the absence of toys that may keep them productively busy. In view of this the team raised funds to purchase educational toys for the children at the Home.

They raised GHC 345 from a pizza and yogurt sale and were able to purchase over 70 different types of toys including games and lettering. On the day of delivery, one can only imagine how long the children have craved for toys as they brawled over the items. The boys felt proud to be able to accomplish such, during their presentation Parents were impressed on their angle of Community Project.


Kofi: I really enjoyed helping kids. My partner and I are privileged to have toys so it really sad that some children in the world cannot get access to simple toys. I think it is very important that we at TIS do this in order to exhibit the attributes of Caring in the IB learner profile. This experience has taught me many things which like we shouldn’t complain about little things, because what is little to you maybe big for someone. This is why we must help others in our community, our city and the world.

Eugene: The Community Project with my partner was really good and interesting and helpful. It taught us a lot about being caring and, also thinking critically, it has been a very good and helpful experience for both of us. The project also taught us how to manage our time well.