Dear Parents

The world has evolved so fast and computer science is the order of the day. The importance and impact of computer science in our lives cannot be overlooked. On Saturday, 26 January 2019, a group of students benefitted from a coding workshop by Netguard Limited. This workshop was aimed at exposing students to technology and reveal skills needed to develop computer application and its use. The students were taken through the following programs:
❖ Emerging Trends
❖ Python
❖ Scratch and
❖ Html

It was an amazing experience for our students. Below are reflections from some of the students. Last Saturday, a coding session occurred in the Einstein block. The excitement I had felt for days before was really justified as the session was fun, interesting and very informative. We started the session with an introduction. Here, we found out the many reasons why being able to code is really important. Coding is truly the second language every child should know.

After wetting our appetite with these videos, we quickly immersed ourselves in the most interesting part- learning how to code. Due to the constraints of time, we were given a mere taste of what coding in two different languages was like- java and python. The taste was enough to excite most of us. Nothing beats the accomplishment that was felt when you type something in and are able to produce the desired output. This session was not the end of the
coding lesson. A coding club is to be introduced in the school where we can hopefully hone the skills we learnt from this workshop. The program was – in just a few words- an unbeatable experience. – Charity, G10

On the 26 January, I was involved in a very interactive programing workshop. Before I went to the workshop, I expected that I wouldn’t learn anything new because I had some knowledge on coding. I entered the hall high-headed. After having the workshop, I learnt a number of things from there. We learnt how to code using html, python, and others. One thing I really took with me was learning to create an effective website. Though I had a little
knowledge on creating websites, I was able to code a very stunning website and at a quicker pace too. In all, the coding workshop has been inspiring to me and I think it’s a good program that everyone should try out. – Eyako, G10

At first when I stepped foot into the classroom, I was really unsure of whether I was going to tune my mind to learn new things. Then I asked myself, ‘Nunana, can you do this? Then I remembered something my parents told me, which was not to be afraid to try new things. I was more than ready to enter the class bold and confident. I found it very difficult at first but I soon remembered that I started back in the summer so I quickly got back on track. Coding is really good and most of all the top celebrities we see today can code. My advice to all who read this is to be RISK TAKERS, do not be afraid to try new things because you might not know, it could be your big breakthrough in the future. With coding, Bill Gates was able to become one of the richest people on earth, even though he was a high school dropout. So please don’t be afraid, take the risk and you’ll be happy at the end. – Nuna, G9