Dear Parents

Lean on Me ended momentously with a night of music, games, popcorns, song requests, cotton candy, laughter and lots of thank you hugs.  Students appreciated each other through the sharing of gifts and chocolates and the committee worked hard to make sure all orders were done right. In all, a total amount of GHC 3,738 was raised, and as mentioned, all proceeds go towards the Tetteh Ocloo School of the Deaf.

 #Reflection from organizers:

The experience with the Chocolate Friendship Committee was truly an unforgettable one from collecting the money from the individual grades to doing the math, and adding up all the figures. Staying up late to label all chocolates and putting them in their correct bags were the most challenging tasks and it helped me appreciate the previous teams as it allowed me to understand the stress they went through to make sure we all got our orders. It was truly an insightful experience that helped me learn some skills and I encourage the next grade to put their all into it. David Ahashie – Grade 11

Lean on me when you are not strong, was the phrase that kept ringing in my head when I thought of Chocolate Friendship Day. There was joy in my heart when I realized it was time to participate in the famous Chocolate Friendship Day committee. Honestly, I was really excited to know how the whole process is carried out. Every year since I have been in TIS, I have heard of the tedious Chocolate Friendship Day process and how hard the committee works. I was, therefore, very excited it was finally my turn.  The process was tiring, I must confess, but it was worthwhile, from identifying the items we wanted to sell, to receiving the lists of the students, to packaging the chocolates and finally delivering the chocolates which was amazing. There were a few things I learnt from this experience; collaborative skills and perseverance. I learnt to work effectively with people and I learnt to push hard when I felt like giving up, especially when we had to come back to the Project Center  after Inter-Colour singing competition to bag the chocolates. Never had I done something like that before in one evening. Lean on Me when you are not strong still rings in my head and I am pleased my hard work paid off and the money we raised is for a good cause. I wish the next organizers a good one!    Ama Hammond – Grade 11

Being the head of Chocolate Friendship Day was quite an experience. With the Inter-Colour Singing competition being the same week as packaging and preparing for the Chocolate Friendship entertainment, it was a great struggle to balance the time between committing to my colour and making sure things were on the right track for Chocolate Friendship day. It was quite a challenge, because at a point, my grade mates got occupied with other things, leaving me hanging but we all came together as a team in the end during the packaging. Overall, the whole experience helped me gain leadership qualities and bond with my grade mates.  Chelsea Bada – Grade 11