Dear Parents

Solutions can be found almost everywhere on the earth, from the oceans to the sky. Solubility is an important topic in chemistry. Many reactions happen in solutions. Have you ever wondered why your carbonated drink tastes flat after being left opened for some time? Or why your cup of tea will not dissolve anymore sugar?

Grade 10 students investigated the factors that affect the solubility of substances.

In our chemistry class today, we conducted an experiment in groups to determine factors that affect the solubility of substances. The experiments helped me understand the topic better because I got to do some of the things for myself to see exactly how the transitions take place. Although at some point there was a little bit of confusion when it came to measuring the compounds so we kept trying and eventually we were able to get the right outcome. This has really helped me to see the essence of conducting experiments because it helps get more knowledge and understanding of what is being taught. I would also advise anyone and everyone to keep trying when conducting experiments, especially when measurements are involved because it’s easy to make mistakes ,but also very easy to correct those mistakes. ~Marie-Marcella, Grade 10

Today during our Chemistry class, we carried out various experiments on solubility. We were made to make a supersaturated solution and look at how temperature affects the rate of solubility. These experiments contributed to my understanding of the topic as a whole and gave me a better idea about related topics that would be treated after. Conducting experiments based on what is being taught helps to make things practical. I made a few mistakes with regards to accurate calculations and measurements. I felt like I needed to make those mistakes to understand how important it is to take accurate measurements so that you do not make mistakes in final calculations. I was also able to collaborate with my colleagues to produce our final results. ~Marge Hagan, Grade 10

Enjoy the rest of your day.