Dear Parents

The 2020 Student Council elections were conducted on Wednesday, 22 January. Secondary students voted online to elect Student Council executive and hostel leaders from our G11 students, and class representatives from G7-11. Congratulations go to: Lydia Boahen (Head of Council); Jacqueline Buba (Secretary); Darin Sarpong and Stacey Abbeo (MPH); Salma Roland and Eyako Eli Dzantor (Academics); Fiifi Baiden and Cheryl Kumah (Sport); Bethany Buah (Chapel); Christine Agyare and Emmanuella Boateng (Catherine); Isabel Prempeh Herraiz and Alberta Addo (Cecilia); Arnold Gyateng and Elrad Martin-Lawson (Anthony); and, Sanjeevan Allotey and Nana Saahene Osei (Francis), on their election and we look forward to their impact as leaders and role models during 2020.

Primary School: Change to Monday School Times

From Monday, 27 January, the Primary School will close each Monday at 3.30pm, 30 minutes earlier than usual. This will allow staff to commence their weekly staff meeting earlier so they may depart at 4.30pm, hopefully, beat the traffic and arrive home at a more reasonable time than they do now. Students who are not collected at 3.30pm from the Primary School Campus on Mondays will be taken to the Main Campus and can be collected from the Admin building.

A Busy Weekend…

• The S2 Thanksgiving Service and Student Leaders’ Induction will commence at 11.00am on Sunday (26/1/20) at the MPH.
• Sunday is also Visiting Sunday (1.00 – 5.00pm) and will commence after the Thanksgiving Service.

I appreciate your support.
Dr Ken Darvall