Dear Parents

15 November, 2019 was bonding time for the girls. Enjoyable activities such as “Slumber Party” and “Finish the Lyrics” brought so much life and fun in the hostel. Students are encouraged that despite their differences they must learn to live at peace with each other.

Students’ Reflections

This Friday during common room, we had a very special slumber party planned. The ladies of poise finesse and decorum gathered in the Ladies Lounge for the “sleepover.” We started with a pajama fashion show where a representative from each room showed off their cutest pajamas. I modelled in an extremely hot unicorn onsie, and almost fell while walking. It was really fun to see all of the different outfits. After that, there was a talent show from each room. My favourite performance was “Man’s Not Hot” and then “Move like a Snake” by room 5, which really made me laugh. My room had made a short “vlog” of our morning routine that we filmed during the week. Before common room, I was in a rush to finish editing the video, and I was really nervous that I hadn’t done it well. But when it came time to
show our video and it actually did really well – our room even won best performance! After the rest of the performances we had a feast of pizza, candy, popcorn and lemonade, and barbecue wings for the best room. Looking back, this was definitely my favourite common room and I really enjoyed bonding with my fellow Catherine girls. ~Lena Dodoo (MYP 5)

This Friday for Catherine’s common room, we had a competition where each room had to put together a performance, there were dances, skits and poems from different rooms. For my room’s performance we filmed a vlog. The vlog was our everyday morning routine. To film it, we had to wake up earlier to film and it was worth it in the end because my room won the competition. After all rooms gave their performances, music was played and we ate food after. ~Elorm Godzi (MYP 5)

Last week’s common room was amazing! From the room performances to the food, I loved it. Our room was room of the week because of the morning routine that we put together. It was actually funnier than I expected and we had fun on the beds placed on the floor. It was like a HUGE slumber party! Unfortunately, due to time, we couldn’t watch the movie planned but it was one of the best nights ever! ~Claris Perdison (MYP 4)

This week’s common room was very fun. My classy Cecilian sisters and I played a game of “finish the lyrics.” It was very engaging as everyone wanted to give different song suggestions and different lyrics to the challengers to make it very challenging for them. It was an inter-grade competition and then all those who were not taking part were cheering their grade mates on. I had an amazing time. We laughed, danced, sang our hearts out and after, we chanted our lives away. This is not a shock actually because when we classy ladies meet, be prepared for a good time. ~Amanda Awumee (DP 1)

Common room is always a time where Catherine girls can come together and release the week’s stress with laughs, rants, and fun. Last week’s common room meeting was just so but with something extra special. It started with a pajama fashion show that featured members from each room. It was fun to see the creative ensembles every girl could put together. Then, we had each room perform something special that resulted in both inter and intra room bonding. The fun experience didn’t end there: there was, of course, music and dancing. Last came the perfect end to a perfect night: the food. Altogether, the last week’s common room meeting was a great bonding experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Am proud to be in Catherine Hostel. Kudos to the hostel executives! ~Charity Apreku (DP 1)

Last week Friday, during common room we had a very fun slumber party. It was a nice chance for us to bond as sisters, where members from all rooms got the opportunity to do a presentation, either dancing, singing, poetry, or a skit. This was a good way to showcase some hidden talents, and because we were in a safe space, nobody felt insecure about not being able to do something, and that’s the beauty
that we Catherinites possess. Moreover, there was food, drinks and games that we played which made the evening worthwhile. Last week’s common room has been one of the best of the semester so far, and I’m really looking forward to more nights like this. ~Nana Yaa Obeng-Nkasah (DP 1)

Last week’s common room was one of the best common rooms we’ve had in a long time. Each and every single one of us bonded as sisters, we all embraced our inner spirit of Ladies of Class. We played a game, we chanted and we were all left wanting more of the bonding time. This is how it always has to be, it was simply amazing. I am so proud of my hostel and what we have become as a family and the connection we have built. Cecilia hostel is the best hostel to be in. ~Isabel Prempeh (DP 1)

Looks and brains we’ve got it,
Tell us what we are lacking,
If you are not in Cecilia, then chale you are slacking. It is always a blissful experience to hear this chant at common room every Friday. As hostel executives it is always our joy to plan fun activities and to create a time to bond as sisters. Last week’s common room activity was titled finish the lyrics, with two representatives from each grade. There were two rounds where each grade had the opportunity to finish
the lyrics and there was the speed round where anyone from each grade could finish the lyrics. Some highlights of the activity were when Aaliyah screamed in frustration when we were only giving afrobeat songs and Hamdia’s eagerness as she jumped across the stage in an attempt to finish the lyrics of songs given to her. The activity was exciting, and it allowed for our ladies of class to release stress. ~Ladies of Class, Ayeyi Hammond and Christal Perdison

This past common room was one of the favourite moments with the girls. During common room we take time out of the stressful week and come together as sisters to discuss various topics. Often, we discuss issues we have noticed throughout the week, give beauty/hygiene tips, or just play games. This past Friday, Davina and I planned a slumber party for the Catherine girls, and I am so thrilled to say it
was a huge success. The event took a considerable amount of planning, but with the help of the Catherine Grade Representatives and the aspirants, everything went smoothly. Prior to the event, we asked each room to plan a performance to present at common room. I know I speak for everyone when I say the Catherine girls are talented. There were so many amazing individuals that displayed their ability to dance, sing, and act. After the performances, some of the girls decided to share their most memorable days within the Catherine hostel and why they admire being a Catherinite. I believe that so much of what is best in us is bound up in our love for friends and family because it measures our loyalty. As a Catherine Hostel Executive, I truly live for the moments when everyone is filled with joy and chanting Chelsea Bada (DP 2) POISE, FINESSE, DECORUM, CATHERINE!!!!!!

– See below members of the winning rooms: