Dear Parents

In Cecilia, classiness is the norm. A Cecilia lady is the epitome of intelligence, hardwork and confidence. We encourage our ladies to take action and strive for bigger things so as to be the best versions of themselves. In the hostel, they feel a sense of belonging, it’s almost as if it was their second home. With each room finding different ways and means to bond with one another, this fosters peace and unity in our beloved Cecilia hostel. Our experience so far has been quite wonderful. We’ve managed to nurture the girls in a way that they see us more as their older sisters, rather than authoritarian figure, and for that we’re thankful.

To conclude, Cecilia is a safe haven for those who feel as though the burdens of academic life are too much to handle. Being able to return to the hostel after prep to a room filled with caring and loving roommates makes one feel a certain sense of belonging. And this is what we are as a hostel: one big happy family of classy ladies.

~Isabel & Alberta (Cecilia Hostel Executives)