Dear Parents

When students allow the world at large to be their classrooms, learning becomes relevant and gratifying. The community becomes their
classroom as they practise what they have learnt and reflect on their experiences. They are empowered as agents of change and are
inspired in the learning.

Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing highlights from these experiences through the CAS/Service Learning trips. The purpose of
this collaboration is to allow students to step out of the classroom and learn by doing and reflecting. Students engaged with seven different institutions for the purpose of their CAS/SL Investigation, Planning and Implementation.

These opportunities help students make connections from their various academic disciplines to the real world. Knowledge application and critical thinking are very important skills in today’s world. Service Learning also enables students to find their passion through experiential learning.

Group 4 chose to spend these three days at the TIS Primary School Campus. I am confident that the bond created will last a lifetime. On Monday morning the little ones at the Primary School could not understand why their new teachers from our Main Campus were not around. “Our learners were sad to walk into their learning space today without the student teachers. The first question asked
was, “Where are our student teachers?” – Dr Ken Darvall

The Primary team asked to visit the Main Campus on Thursday. They attended the Weekly Assembly, with Margaret, the Early
Years Leader joining us with her usual positive energy, along with her representatives from the Early Years and Primary classes. What a pleasant surprise. Their mission was to award each participant of the SL collaboration with the Principal’s Award for their Outstanding Service Learning Experience. Can you imagine?? Getting the “Principal’s Award? That created an amazing buzz in the hall. Students whispering to each other and, of course, the recipients super proud and I believe eager to do more.

A huge thank you to Dr Ken Darvall, for this kind gesture and endless support. When reflecting on his experience at the PYP, Ato (G11), one of the recipients said, “I want to develop a meaningful collaboration with the TIS Primary School campus, students and staff. The children are so passionate about learning and everyone is engaging and friendly.”

‘You are the change you seek’. Keep learning and growing, Alberta, Bennett, Chibuikem, Darius, Jadyn, Ato, Kwasi and Nestalia.