Preparations toward Akorlikope were wonderful and all my classmates were eager to go. Being the leader for the trip was a really good experience. Collaborating with my grade mates and assigning roles, while engaging with Pen in a Box, were splendid. The journey there was fun and on getting there I was touched on seeing the kids. I was part of the team that helped the Rabito Clinic attend to the people of Akorlikope. My team and I took their names, addresses, occupations and phone numbers. We recorded their vitals, temperature, weight and height. The Rabito Clinic nurses and doctor calculated their BMI, took their blood pressure, tested for diabetes and all patients had private consultations with the doctors. To be honest I had a difficult time communicating with the people as I could not speak Ewe. However, some of the nurses from Rabito Clinic taught me some Ewe and things got a bit easier even though there were some challenges. Before lunch, I made a little friend and was so sad to let her go. Pen in a Box shared stationeries to the children and GHC 1,360 was given to the headmaster to pay the school fees for one term for 34 children.

When it was time to go, I wasn’t ready to depart from the memories and friends I had already made, but it was time to say goodbye. This Akorlikope experience is one I will hold dear to my heart fo

r a long time and I thank all our supervisors, patrons, and parents who contributed to Pen in a Box and to this great experience from the bottom of my heart.

You have really made a difference in the lives  of children, parents and inhabitants of Akorlikope.  A special thanks to our CAS Coordinator, Mrs. King and the CAS supervisors and Advisors for this special and wonderful experience from the Grade 11s as a whole. We love you and stay blessed. Bervelyn Sawyerr-Markwei – leader of the CAS/Service Learning Trip – Grade 11.

I enjoyed the trip a lot. Really I would like to praise the teachers, because after this trip I realised that teaching is not an ordinary profession. It is really hard and teaching kids is really a big challenge, but with the help of my grade mates and t

hanks to God, the trip was adventurous. The interest shown by the children at Graceland Academy in Akorlikope was very encouraging. It made me realise the TIS moto: “Knowledge is key. It also made me appreciate another important aspect of education – ‘’applied knowledge is power.” Looking forward of many more exciting educational experiences. Jennifer Noronha – Grade 11