Dear Parents,

A warm WELCOME to our Newbies parents and students who joined us last Wednesday. What a great addition to the community. A huge WECOME BACK to our continuing parents and students who returned over the weekend. You have been truly missed. We just can’t believe we are welcoming you in to the 2019 – 2020 Academic year!!! The fast and furious family is ready for another ride of opportunities, possibilities, growth, celebration, expeditions, adventures, challenges, connections, miracles, experiences, joy and tons of fun.

TIS offers many opportunities to its students to develop life skills with our After School Program (ASA), which ranges from a variety of sports disciplines, performing arts, literacy and media activities, and service projects. Students can take advantage of such opportunities as they take up the challenge to achieve the DoEIA (Duke of Edinburg International Award) at the Bronze, Silver or Gold levels. Not to mention the endless CAS and Service in Action experiences and projects students can initiate.

Studies have shown that students who engaged in after school activities achieve better results in their studies. Their academic performance goes up as they learnt to balance their cocurricular activities with their academic pursuits. They also develop time management skills, increase their interest in their school not to mention the fact that Universities seek for such students and scholarships opportunities are higher. Lets’ use our student who just graduated from the Class of 2019, Tiffany Agyarko as an example, she was a balanced and engaged students, and committed to anything she did. From her violin classes, leadership roles in various club, Academic Executive of the SC, Leader of the Dear Fellow successful Service project at the Hand Evangelism Home in Accra, organizer of schools events, Executive of the School Choir, Colour Patron of Red Kigelia, leading her colour in to winning the Inter-colour singing competition where she conducted with exceptional passion, Genesis group, Secretary of the School Magazine Editorial Board, to name a few. Tiffany managed herself to give her best in all these experiences and to also achieve a 44 IB points out of 45. I believe you get the message here.

So dear parents, kindly make time and discuss with your wards about their involvement in After School Activities’ (ASA), Duke of Edinburg International Award (DoEIA), CAS, Service in Action Projects and Sports. Take in consideration their interests, career choices and need for a balanced life. Challenge them to do more, do better and grow.

If you need more clarification about the various opportunities to do not hesitate to contact me, Surama King, CAS Coordinator, [email protected] or +233 244 615255 and the every ready CASSA team made of our passionate Grace Kabukie, Service in  Action and Community Service Coordinator, the caring Abigail Ahiadorme, CASSA assistant and advisor, and the creative dancer, David Difie, CASSA assistant and instructor. The team is looking forward to engage each student in a wonder world of possibilities.

See you around,
CASSA team