Dear Parents

Ever since we came back home, I have been really missing school. I miss waking up to the sound the rising bell, I miss going to the MPH to see the smiles of all the Kitchen Staff, I miss walking to class, running to the MPH when it’s lunch except for the days when Mr. Adipah delays us, lol. Although staying at home is really the best option at this moment, I wish I could go back to school, to my friends, and face-to-face learning. I can’t wait for the day we return, because I know on that day there will be smiles and laughter on the faces of everyone in TIS. And, most especially, I miss my class mates in TIS. Cyril Davis – G10

The three things I miss the most about the school are, my teachers, the advice the hostel guardians usually gave me and physically being around my friends. Gwen Agbesi – G11

What I miss the most about school is probably the Hostel life because I get to spend time and bond with my friends. Araba Egyei- Mensah – G10

I miss playing football with my friends during the weekends. Deion Mitchell – G10

It’s surprising how one minute we were planning and getting ready to go on mid semester break to spend time with family and rejuvenate ourselves for the second half of the semester and the next moment we find ourselves locked in our home!

I miss the privileges of hellos and good mornings we took for granted. I miss coming to work and being in the same physical space with my colleagues. The laughter and hugs. I miss the pleasant greetings we exchanged at the school gates when we come to work in the morning. I miss going to Sandra’s office to take toffees. I miss hearing the jingles from Dr. Ken’s bunch of keys, Mama Su’s energetic walk and enthusiastic greetings (there’s never a dull moment with her). I miss my office, the amazing team I work with and office space itself. I miss working with the students, comforting and guiding them when they are confused and worried about school choices and other personal issues. I miss sharing in their excitement when they get into the schools they want. I miss the physical classroom sessions, seeing the laughter in their eyes when we share a joke or their seriousness as they reflect on topics being discussed. In all, I miss everything that makes TIS what it is. I was really looking to this year’s Graduation and Achievers’ Day Ceremony. I hope we still get to hear the students sing their songs. Eunice Eyram – College Guidance Counsellor

I miss school more than I thought I would and I can’t wait to get back to campus for so many reasons, including having actual classroom lessons. I still remember how my roommates and I would come back from prep and talk and surprisingly I miss cleaning the room because that’s honestly when we bond well and not because we were cleaning. Can’t wait to get back to school on campus to meet my teachers again, Mr Kumah-Noi, Auntie Janet, Sir Joe, Rahman, Yam!!! Oh wow, I actually miss school,
there’s no way to even describe it. Marcella Nwokolo – G10

Enjoy the rest of your day. Stay safe.