Dear Parents

Semester 2 is here and the Harmattan has given a whole new vibe to it. Make sure your wards bring moisturiser, lip balm and drink lots of water. It’s dry and dusty. However, despite the weather, we are ready to have an amazing ride.

The CAS-SA team is available to assist all students to make the best of their CAS, Service in Action, Community Projects, school events, Dukies and ASA experiences. We look forward to students’ engagement and growth.

Explore, try new things, make mistakes, read, get ‘your hands dirty’, reach out to others, and apply the knowledge you gain in the classroom within your various subjects by doing something to make the world a better place.

During the Christmas break the evidence of how caring, principled, open-minded and risk-takers our students are becoming was evident through the various projects and initiatives. The Herman Suede – After Prep Show was brilliant, the support from the TIS community was incredible, the proceeds from the show will be used to refurbish the Christ Faith Foster Home at Fafraha. The Food drive at Ashaiman settlements was eye-opening, to see the level of poverty just around the school was heartbreaking. Thank you for the abundant amount
of food you donated during our Christmas Concert. The Unite to Light Ghana Fundraiser/Launch had the incredible support of students, alumni, parents and staff of TIS, raising over GHC 19,000, and the proceeds will be used to purchase solar LED lights and solar power banks to those with no access or who cannot afford electricity. The HeritAid team visited homes and orphanages with a variety of personal hygiene and cleaning materials that were purchased with the money they made through their various fundraisers in school. They not only
donated items, they spent time in those institutions learning more about those living there. They made a presentation in each place about first aid and the importance of personal hygiene and a clean environment.

The ReUnite initiative reached out to Days for Girls Ghana to plan their strategy towards helping young girls to have access to sanitary pads and learn about menstrual hygiene. The Dukies celebrated the first batch of Gold Award holders. The TIS Magazine Editorial Board started preparing towards the best edition ever, we can’t wait. And guess what? The Chocolate Friendship Day organisers are ready to over-indulge the TIS community in a world of delicious chocolates with the focus on Heart Attack prevention. This week’s Bulletin will include more details about these projects and how you can support.

Enjoy the rest of your day.