Dear Parents

As promised, the second batch of our ongoing community projects by MYP 3 cohorts has been discussed. Five different projects were introduced last week this week the remaining seven will be introduced. Please read below the many awesome ractions students will take to make a difference or change the world one day at a time.

Where is our Land?: This is an awareness initiative by Franklin Adu Baah and Dzifa Amewu. They are very passionate about geography and they believe the different human activities good or bad are constantly displacing the earth structure. In view of this, they intend to make an awareness video to educate and show how our actions have resulted in land pollution.

Ocean in a bottle: This group is asking us to put ourselves in the place of the fish in the ocean. How would you feel if total strangers keep throwing rubbish in your home where you live and need to thrive? Imani Webb, Ninette Ativor and Kabukour Caesar are volunteering with Plastic Punch Gh, to undertake a number of beach cleanups. Their target is to draw the populace attention to the unfortunate situation of all the plastics and rubbish that end up in the sea from our homes. Plastic Punch is an NGO raising awareness on the dangers of plastics for the environment, humans and marine life, as well as finding sustainable waste management solutions.

The Yomzies: What do you think you can learn from football? Can we apply the rules and the structure of a football match to our daily lives? The Yomzies – Martin Ayisi, Ayomi Asante, and Oluteniore Olufore – are passionate Fifa Game players and they feel confident on the pitch too. They will share a friendly football match with their friends from Tema Ridge School and share with them the many values like teamwork, persistence, perseverance, confidence, skills that are entailed in football.

Fight Back: A laudable idea beaming from 14-YEAR OLDS. After a successful unit in PHE Taekwondo, this group is tackling the prevalence issue of Kidnapping in Ghana, especially girls. From the basic skills learnt, they will make a teaching video on how to fight back when you find yourself in a kidnapping situation. It will include how to save yourself from the grip of an attacker, how to run off to confuse your attacker, how to distract your attacker and how to fight or weaken your attacker. You don’t want to miss this video when it is released. Supervised by Mr. David Difie, watch out for the fight back team, Mamme Boah, Mawunyo Anatsui and Sherry-Anne Dzakuma.

The awareness campaign about Autsim has started, and one of the main identified avenues to reach a wider audience is here, the TIS Bulletin! Enjoy a good read about Autism from the We are Who We Are Community Project Team.

Autism Awareness Project (G8): We Are Who We Are : “We Are Who We Are” is a group of Grade 8 students whose Community Project is based on autism. For our community project, we will be raising awareness of autism by creating a website and we will also be helping a nearby autism home, Hopesetters Autism Centre, to acquire some basic necessities. What do you know about autism? Autism also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a disorder that makes it difficult for the affected person to communicate and socially interact. Autism develops in one’s early childhood and stays with them until death.

Autism is also called Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) because children or people in general with ASD have a range of different symptoms including communication problems, difficulty in keeping eye contact, learning challenges, abnormal facial expressions, delay in learning to speak, etc.

Per our research, the exact cause of autism is not known, but some minor issues are known and at the same time, other causes are suspected.

One main thing that has been established is that it has to do with the brain and its developmental challenges. These are some things deemed as the causes of autism:

  • Genetic mutations
  • An immediate family member with autism
  • Born to older parents
  • Metabolic imbalances, etc.

Autistic children are not any different from us. Although they may have many challenges due to some biological factors, we do not have
to mistreat them. When we, humans, see or notice something different from our set standards, the first thing we do is to attack, but this should not be the case with autism as it is a common occurrence in many homes and societies.

Therefore, we want to raise awareness of autism because it is not something to be afraid of. Autistic children need to be assisted and cared for. Therefore, we will also be giving aprons, cutlery, cups, plates, napkins and placemats to Hopesetters Autistic Centre to make lunchtime more enjoyable for these kids. We also plead for you to help us share the word and also support us in our cause.  Thank you. By: Dzidor Mc-Deh, Ethan Sunkwa Mills and Nana Aba Egyei-Mensah – G8-MYP3

Thank you for being part of the TIS family.