Dear Parents

#DP-CAS Project Aspire to Inspire

‘ASPIRE TO INSPIRE / TOGETHER WE RISE’ is a CAS initiative led by Jadyn Afrifa, Charlene Noye, Kwasi Dankwa, Ashley Gaba, Chimelum Moghalu, David Syme, Khadijatou Yandja, alongside Marymount International School London’s students, Maryam Ben-Butain, Kathleen Fairweather and Simisola Orotope-Paul, working with UNICEF Ghana to promote a child- friendly environment for adolescent children in rural areas and UNICEF shelters around Accra.

We plan on spreading awareness on this topic by visiting the TIS Primary Campus and having activities with them, as well as  showing a presentation. The reason why this is our aim is that average school environments in Ghana usually are not beneficial for students to learn; meaning that classes are overcrowded, water and sanitation facilities are inadequate and school books are in short supply, hence the poor results. We hope to change this by raising numerous fundraisers and educating our peers on the subject matter. Apart from educating them on the topic, we wish to encourage them to participate in the betterment of these young children’s lives. With the help of this team and school, we are going to help solve this crisis and bring child-friendly education to unprivileged kids.

#MYP – Personal Project

HIMP (Hearing Impaired) On A Flight. My inspiration came from me boarding a plane and realising that a hearing-impaired person could not understand the safety measures taken on the plane due to their situation. Upon realisation, I felt so bad and communicated to the cabin crew to help in any possible way they could. Briefly, after my communication to them I realised that they were making efforts to help the hearing-impaired passenger on the flight understand the safety measure taken on that particular aircraft.

That was not enough for me because I felt if there were another passenger that I did not recognise with the same condition, it would not be fair. That is why I came up with this as my Personal Project to solve this problem. I strongly believe that this project will bring lots of joy to the hearing impaired because it will help them understand the safety measures taken on an Airplane in the international sign language so that in times of emergencies, they can figure out how to be safe. The global context for my project was sustainability and development, the reason being that for my project, I would be treating everybody equally and I would keep developing the product of my project for the next generations as well.

The clear goal for my project was to make a flight safety video in the international sign language for the hearing impaired to have knowledge about the safety measures taken on an airplane. I also planned to make this quite easy for everyone to understand so in connection with the video there is a text below of the sign. To evaluate the success of my product I showed it to the hearing impaired to watch if they understood the signs. I also made a survey to ask people what they think about it. However, I was able to assess the specifications of the video, as well as the quality of it. The easiest specification was to make sure my video was hearing impaired friendly. I took my time to view from different sources to get the correct signs and sign them into the information the airline had given me as their safety message. These specifications were very important in the making of my video because if it had not been in good quality and not understood by my targeted audience that means that my goal would not be clear. In addition, if I did not make the sentences below for other people to read, my design specifications goals would be unclear.

Finally, the IB learner profile attributes that have really helped me with this product are being a risk-taker and an open-minded student. Being a risk-taker has helped me in making my product in the sense that I had to learn the sign language and that is risk-taking because the signs are complicated and I could have easily forgotten some of them, resulting to the learning process being a failure. For being an open-minded student, it has helped me to become more acceptable and thinking of solving problems.

King Cyrus Wuaku Grade 10 – MYP 5

Personal Project Supervisor – Abigail Ahiadorme