Dear Parents

Reunite Initiative

What if your daughter is skipping school whenever she is on her period? You can barely afford food, how much more for a pad? To some, this might seem like an absurd situation but this is the reality of many parents in Ghana. Such situations have inspired a project bent on providing sanitary kits to girls in need and also educate these young ones on menstrual hygiene.

The “REUNITE” Initiative is a group of girls that have identified the impact of this problem and are working together to find solutions. In this light, we have begun a collaboration with Days For Girls Ghana to make this a reality. Days For Girls is a charitable organisation committed to supporting girls. Their outstanding outreach provides the backdrop for the success of our project.

With that being said, we humbly ask that you support our project with a donation to our fundraising campaign. This will go towards purchasing the “Super Kits” (from Days for Girls), which include:
• reusable pads ( 2 shields and 8 liners)
• 1 Cycle chart
• 2 panties
• 1 draw string bag
• I packing bag
• 1 panty

Seeing their living conditions, we would like to provide the girls with large personal pails to wash the pads in. This would cost an estimated amount of GHC 300, and an extra GHC 200 for other expenses, and this will all sum up to be about GHC 5.000 to reach out to approximately 100 girls in our community.

This is only a fragment of what REUNITE Initiative has planned. We have several activities to support the youth. You are yet to see us on your TV screens and your newspaper articles not only creating awareness about the challenges young girls face, but also calling you on board to take action.

Initiators: Jackie Buba, Gwen Agbesi, Salma Roland, Stacey Abbeo, Cheryl Kumah, Amanda Awumee – Grade 11

Heart Attack Prevention

Hi everyone, it’s Nana Yaa and Isabel (G11), and we are pleased to inform you that we have officially launched our CAS project: Heart Attack Prevention, “be the beat”.

We will commence our campaign with the upcoming Health Walk, which will take place on 25 January 2020, TIS Main Campus, at 6:00 am. This campaign will be very insightful, as we promote a healthy lifestyle for our TIS family.

Note that this is just the beginning. The entire month of February is considered the heart month. As a res  ult, we will fuse in our project to every upcoming event that will take place throughout the month. Watch out for the best ever Chocolate Friendship Day, as we are working
alongside with our classmates, through some innovative and fun ideas to not only entertain you but make an impact and educate our community on Heart Attack prevention, “be the beat”. Be prepared for an adventure!!!!

Enjoy the rest of your day.