Dear Parent

Twelve year old *Millicent Ibrahim*, suffers from a hole in heart condition known as Tetralogy of Fallot. The total cost of her surgery, anesthesia, medication, etc. is GHC 46.000. Her single mother cannot by any means afford to pay for her life save surgery. She lives at Kotobabi, her mummy is unemployed and she stay with her grandparents. Millicent loves Jollof Rice and chicken, and pink is her favorite colour. Even though most times she is not well and can’t attend classes, Millicent loves to go to school. She is thriving in class 6 at Little Rose School, being one of the best science students. She said she wants to be a Soldier when she grows up.

Even her monthly consultation and medication are a challenge for the family. Millicent needs our help. This is why we are humbly pleading with the TIS family to help us raise the money needed for her open heart surgery.

Together we can make a difference in her life.

The clock is ticking.  *We are Millicent’s hope.*

Baaba, Ayeyi, Davina (Grade 11) Community Service (CAS) project


Millicent’s Fundraiser – UPDATES

A huge thank you to the TIS community for the support in raising funds for Millicent’s surgery. The amount of GHC 5.200 was presented by Albert Ossei on behalf of their class to the Initiators of this project, Ayeyi, Baaba & Davina, Grade 11 students.  Albert shared words of encouragement to the team, “Keep doing good. Such initiatives go a long way in making a difference in someone’s life. The Class of 2007 is moved by this cause.” Thank you Class of 2007, your alma mater appreciates your support.

Our aim is to raise: GHC 46.000, so far we raised GHC 25,636.10

To meet our target we need GHC 21,036.10

You can support in kind or cash. We are Millicent’s HOPE.

Contact our Coordinator Mrs. King [email protected] or +233 244615255

Thanks for being part of the TIS family