Dear Parents

For the last four years, TIS has been using Naviance to support our university and college guidance processes. During this time, Naviance served its purpose, but it is now time to improve the experience for students, their parents and our College Guides. To this end, we will be implementing a new platform called BridgeU that will be synced with MB.

There are many exciting features that BridgeU presents and I am confident that students and their parents will appreciate the difference. The main component of Bridge U is geared to our senior students, however, all secondary students will have access and experience the difference.

Students will receive welcome emails from today. They should take the option: Login with ManageBac.

Their initial task to be completed by 13 January will be to complete their Profile Builder.

Aunty Eunice will follow up with students on Monday to ensure they are ready to enjoy BridgeU.