Dear Parents

Please find below the reflections from the Rabito Clinic who joined our students on CAS/Service learning trip to Akorlikope.

When the Rabito team signed up to run an outreach in Akorlikope during this year’s service learning trip, little did we know we were in for a whirlwind of positive experiences. We had encountered the warmth of TIS staff and students during previous engagements. However, this trip cemented the fact that anybody who interacts in anyway with TIS is immediately considered family.

Our fun day started when every person going on the service learning trip was marshalled to get together for a group picture. Everyone’s excitement was evident as memories were captured. On the bus, students sang along with favorite pop culture tunes that were playing, and when they did not have access to a laptop, they burst out into funny vocal renditions that caused eruptions of laughter on more than one occasion.

TIS students stand out because of their willingness to help at every opportunity and their openness to interact with everyone. This is marked by the consistent greeting of strangers with the popular Uncle or Aunty title attached. On this trip, we had ten (10) amazing students help us set up and run the screening exercise. They learnt quickly at the registration, vitals’ check and coordination stations. Etornam, Betty, Frimpomaa, Sophia, Malaika, Danielle, Aku, Keziah and Maame, among others were supportive and without them we could not have had a successful exercise. Mr. Tay and his team of young men were also around to assist when needed.

In all, we successfully screened 61 residents – 52% women, 32% men and 16% children. All of these individuals were free from the Hepatitis B virus and proved to be in good health, with the exception of 2 high blood pressure cases, which were referred to the hospital. During the trip, another phase of the Graceland School building project began. Students and advisors joined forces with residents to make this happen. Students prepared meals to share with residents and learnt key Ewe words to use when interacting with screening participants.

The Rabito team recognizes the effort that has gone into moulding the IB class of 2020 and we wish this class of brilliant, energetic students well in all their endeavours. A special thank you also goes out to Mama Su, Abigail, Grace, Gabriel and Mr. Tay for serving as advisors during the Akorlikope trip.

~By Rabito Clinic Limited