Dear Parents

Please find below the details of an alumna of our dear school who is raising high the flag of TIS.

Name: Rhema Ewurama Andah Year Group: TIS IB Class of 2014

Hostel: Cecilia Hostel

Colour Group: Blue Cedar – Cee da Bluuu!!!

Roles played at TIS: Assistant Cecilia Hostel Prefect; SRC Representative; TIS Red Cross Executive; Leader of Akorlikokpe Project.

IB Program: What I loved about the IB program the most was how multidisciplinary it was. There was a clear focus on not only conventional subjects like math, English etc. but also subjects and projects that enhanced critical thinking. The IB program came in handy with my liberal arts college and most recently I’ve been able to apply so many things I learnt to my growing career.

University: Mount Holyoke College

Year of Graduation: 2018

Major: International Relations and Law/Public Policy

Achievements in College: Global Competence Award 2018

What next: Law School and Entrepreneur

Key Word in Life: Breathe

Word of Advice: Be the person of your wildest dreams

Philosophy: L’homme propose et Dieu dispose/ I can’t come and kill myself.

Most memorable experience in TIS: The making of the IB Class of 2014 documentary.


Enjoy the rest of your day.