Dear Parent

On the 15 March, a group of students embarked on a highly anticipated educational trip to South Africa to develop our public speaking skills and to appreciate the different cultures around the African continent. In addition, we explored beautiful South Africa, after all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

The main reason why I embarked on the trip was to develop my public speaking skills in a conference which simulates the same procedures as the African Union. We had heated and intense debates with other high school intellectuals like ourselves from around the world. These debates gave me the chance to enhance my public speaking skills as I was made to step outside my comfort zone and argue out my points in a heated atmosph  ere.

Also, this trip helped us to improve our collaboration skills as we were made to work with other delegates to come up with feasible resolutions to solve our various problems.

We also had the chance to explore South Africa. During our stay in South Africa, our chaperones took us to many tourist attractions. A few of many include the Game Drive in Sun City, the Nelson Mandela Square, the Sun City water park and others.

All in all we had a very interesting and eye opening experience in South Africa and I encourage each and every student to take advantage of this trip and develop their public speaking skills. ~Dwayne Gyateng


My few days experience at ALAMAU was one of the best experiences I have had. This is my 3rd leadership conference as I have attended GISMUN and HMUN. So, I was no stranger to how the conference was going to work. I engaged with so many different people from all across the continent who shares the love for Mother Africa just like I do. I was representing the Republic of South Africa as the former Public Protector, Dr. Thuli Madonsela, in the Advisory Board on Corruption. My committee tackled many issues of corruption and found solutions to those issues. ALAMAU has helped me expand my speaking skills as I was more confident with my speaking than I have ever been in the other conferences I participated in. I encourage all to sign up for ALAMAU as it is a great opportunity to expand your network and make friends and also to improve your public speaking skills. ~John Quartey

Thank you for being part of the TIS family.