Dear Parent

The delegate of the Arab Republic of Egypt, you have been recognized. Thank you honorable chair. The delegate of the Arab Republic of Egypt walked into this conference assuming that it will be like every other Model United Nation conference the delegate has attended. To the surprise of this delegate, this conference has been an inspiration in a way that no conference prior to it has been. Unlike other conferences, this conference looks at the problems of Africa head on and empowers the youth to create practical solutions. It creates an environment where everyone’s views are needed and seen as important. The delegate commends the conference for allowing her to interact with people from over ten different countries and giving her the chance to work towards a common goal with such people. The delegate of the Arab Republic of Egypt feels as though she has grown as a debater and a critical thinker. The delegate yields her remaining time to the chair. ~Davina Yawson


This ALAMAU conference has been one of the best experiences of my life. Being a shy person, conference sessions were really a headache for me, however, with the frequent encouragement of my DIAS I am proud to say that I have been able to overcome my problem of presenting to an audience. This conference has helped me know that in finding solutions to problems it’s not only about winning but rather compromising and allowing myself to listen to the point of view of many others from different parts of the world. This is because above all, it’s not our individual satisfaction we are looking out for but rather that of Africa’s in the long run.  I am so grateful to the school for this opportunity and will definitely advise and encourage everyone to go next year. ~Betty Ajavon

Enjoy the rest of your day