Dear Parent

And who would have known that these 8 words “The Delegate of Angola, you have been  recognised”, would speed my heart rate and send chills down my spine. With a slight stutter I began to speak, after expressing my views, I calmly sat down and sighed a relief. When I think back to how My Alamau experience was? This memory sums up my entire experience. At first, the fear kicks in and leaves you speechless. The next moment, your nerves calm and you begin to speak with ease and clarity. Then, you’re done, thousands of thoughts of how better you could have said what or what you shouldn’t have said start to rumble through your brain. Finally, everything settles and you realise that it wasn’t so bad and you wish you had done it all over again. ALAMAU is by far the greatest learning experience I have encountered and I strongly believe that going through the ALAMAU experience changes how you think and perceive the world and continent we live in. ~McKevin Novis-Zukowski

On the first day of the conference, we went to our various committee sessions. I was in the Peace and Security Council and represented the delegation of the Republic of Liberia. Our topic was strengthening mediation in peace-keeping efforts in Africa. In my committee, we discussed mediation methods, how to get the funds for it, who would be the mediators, how people would be able to be mediators and whether military intervention should be implemented if mediation should fail. After debating with each other, we drafted a final resolution which would be presented during the Assembly Heads of State. The following day, we sat in our various delegations and presenters from each committee presented their clauses and voting took place to see where the clauses would pass or not. On the final day, we had the closing ceremony and went our various ways. This conference helped me to improve on my public speaking skills and build a social network from people across Africa. It also helped me to learn more about my continent and how to help better it. ~John Adjei

 Thank you for being part of the TIS experience