Dear Parent

ALAMAU has given me the most amazing thing in life, a passion and a love that I can’t shake. From the moment I stepped into my first conference, I knew that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, whether that means being a senator or a diplomat in a foreign country. ALAMAU has introduced me to an amazing world that I have no interest in leaving. Whatever my future holds I know it has something to do with politics and that is thanks to my ALAMAU experience.

The best part of Model African Union has to be the people. From making new friends at ALAMAU conferences to strengthening current relationships within my club, I know one thing for sure. These are friends I will have for a lifetime. We are united by the strongest bond of common interests and it amazes me that these delegates sitting and debating alongside me could potentially be Senators, diplomats, and important people of the future. Even after the conference has ended, I found myself confiding in and chatting with people I only know by country name. As we all muddle back to our monotonous academic lives, half a year may pass without talking. But, conversations infallibly start up around February of every year in anticipation of the ALAMAU season. Yes, we talk about conferences, awards, and committees, but we also discuss personal goals and disappointments. This continuous open dialogue and the supportive ALAMAU community is, by far, the most beautiful part of ALAMAU. ~Chisom Anyaehie

Model United Nation is a fast-growing competitive activity for many students in which students’ geographical knowledge are tested and their ability to solve and critically think around problems. Thus, giving them the best course of action to choose.

I was nervous at the beginning due to it being my first ever International MUN conference. But as time went on and observing how things were done, I was able to contribute to the discussions of solving world problems such as enhancing clean energy for sustainable development. I represented Mozambique, throughout the days of the conference then I realized that the MUN has helped us grow into leaders, discover our futures, become confident in ourselves, and form lasting friendships with people from different part of the world. ~Kodjo Asafu-Adjaye

Enjoy your week.