Dear Parents,


Delegates are well prepared. They have all completed their position papers and opening speeches for the conference.


We advise parents to bring their wards to the Airport (Kotoka) on Friday, 15 March by 5:00 am prompt. This will help the team to go through check-in procedures together at 5:30 am. Please let’s be mindful of the time and be punctual as any lateness could pose a challenge to the group.  Students must wear their green polo shirts for easy identification.

Students will be allowed to go home on Tuesday 12/03 after school. This is to enable them to prepare for the trip. Please send an exeat.


Parents whose wards did not require visas and thus have their passports in their possession are reminded to bring them along.

Whatsapp Group

A Whatsapp group has been created to facilitate the timely and rapid sharing of information with parents. So far, all parents have been registered in that group and are encouraged to utilize the platform for inquiries.


Kindly find below a packing list for the trip. This is not prescriptive, but rather a guideline. Students are, however, advised to travel light and carry only items they can take responsibility for.


  • Prescription Medicine (if necessary)
  • Extra glasses and/or contact lenses
  • Phone with charger


  • 4 formal or Afro-formal outfits for conference days (with appropriate shoes)
  • For males – suits, ties, shirts, belts, socks and shoes.
  • or females – pant suits, skirt suits, (knee-length) dress gowns, skirts & blouses etc.
  • 1-2 casual outfits for post-conference time or trips like Explore Joburg
  • 1-2 traditional cultural wear for Cultural night (and optionally opening ceremony)
  • 1 black-tie outfit for the Gala Dinner
  • Pajamas or sweats
  • Fleece or warm jacket
  • Flip flops for shower (optional)


In addition to regular items, e.g. Lotion and shower gel, consider bringing the following

Sun block or Mosquito repellent (these can also be purchased locally):

NB: You don’t have to bring a towel as these will be provided by the hotel

Other Items:

  • Stationery & folder
  • Laptop (with bag and charger)
  • South African/International adapters

There will be a safe in each room for storing towels, however, it is recommended to bring a padlock as well to secure your other belongings

Optional additional items:

  • A journal
  • Small games
  • Camera

Have a great week