Dear Parents

Words to describe alumni week celebration? It was worth the time!

The guest speaker, Marilyn Edinam Mac-Deh, a young astute lawyer, TIS Class of 2015, spoke on the theme: Attaining Excellence, Impacting Lives. She represented the TIS Alumni Association and helped to launch the week’s celebration.

She encouraged her younger siblings to make use of all the opportunities at TIS. She is forever grateful to her parents for choosing TIS as the number 1 hotspot destination for a lifelong educational experience. As a proud unique family school, Edinam has two of her younger sisters, Didzor Mac-Deh and Edudzi Ama enjoying these life-changing opportunities that will last for a lifetime. In her words, students should reach, stretch and widen their tentacles as they pursue excellence academically and in all other areas. Again, the spirit of discipline, perseverance in spite of obstacles and the enthusiasm to impact others, their communities positively is crucial for a successful life. As a dynamic lawyer, she challenges herself every day to step out, take initiatives and work on budding projects. Students must endeavour to love, live and lead as they take the world on their shoulders.

The week was truly inspiring for both students and staff. It was exciting to see the joy and fulfillment on the faces of TIS teachers & other staff as they reconnected with past students and the continuing students’ faces lit up as they interacted with the Alumni and the light bulbs switched on in their young minds. The impact was truly positive and transformational – the students’ reflections say it all! From TIS leadership, College Guides and the entire TIS Community, we say thank you to all our treasured Alumni who made time to be part of the
celebration. We are most grateful!