Dear Parents

Hello All, (both naughty and nice),

What did you do last Christmas?

A simple thought will suffice.

Did you cook a meal, make a deal or something else surreal?

If you did, you’d know that Christmas holidays are a time of love, laughter and joy- that’s why we love them so much.
When the day comes, we choose to celebrate it with great excess – basking in the warmth of family, belly full of hearty
jollof or fufu and the promise of laughter and light till the end of the night.

But these things that fill us with excitement at the thought of the holiday are a luxury most cannot afford.

So, this Christmas, I have a proposal to you:

As you troop to enjoy the beautiful performances planned by our TIS students, come with a small bag of rice, some
canned goods, a gallon of oil or any other form of nonperishable goodies and help us reintroduce the joy of Christmas to another family.

“When you have so much”, my grandma would always say, “you can only really receive by giving”. So, on 8 December
come to TIS Main Campus to not only be masterfully entertained but also to receive the gift of giving.
~Charity Apreku – G11