Dear Parents

Planning. Punctuality. Performance. It is not only an important semester for our exam candidates (G10 & 12), but also all students. To  enjoy a successful semester, students will need to focus on the 3Ps.

Planning. Students have a lot to do during the semester and it is very easy to become distracted by being involved in the many activities available at TIS. First, students need to articulate their goals for this semester. If students allow others to plan their time, then it is unlikely that personal goals will be achieved, or at least to the expected standard. All planning takes time to develop, yet many people do not set aside this time, instead preferring to ‘wing it’ or ‘fly by the seat of their pants’. Without planning, success will rely on luck and good fortune, and disappointment is a frequent outcome.

Punctuality. It is critical that individuals respect time. A lack of respect will result in chaos, missed deadlines and opportunities. Planning and punctuality fit like gloves. Prioritising and allowing adequate time to complete tasks are essential skills for any successful person. Leaving things until the last minute will result in disappointment and the failure to achieve the best possible outcome, due to the last-minute rush to complete a task.

Performance. Students must be very clear about what they want to achieve by the end of this semester. In the planning stage, they will have articulated their goals to achieve. Students must ensure they reflect on their goals regularly to remind themselves so that focus
can be maintained. They must remove distractions. They must ensure they use their time wisely, but ensure a balance. They must have a clear understanding of the task components, practise the requisite skills regularly, ensure adequate sleep, submit all tasks before due dates and reflect on all feedback. They must remain focused, balanced and committed to achieving their goals.

Getting the 3Ps right will ensure success this semester.
Dr Ken Darvall