Dear Parents

As mentioned in last week’s TIS Bulletin, 21 TIS students and a staff member will be presented with the Gold Duke of Edinburgh International Award in December. Congratulations go to each of these proud Dukies. For four of these G12 Golden Dukies, they now have an added advantage when applying for university. They can now state they have been awarded this prestigious award.

For our strategic and balanced students, now is the time to commence one of the three levels (bronze, silver or gold) of this exciting program. Students must be 14 years to commence the program. Participants in any level of the program must pay a fee for the program. These fees are: GHC50 for Bronze; GHC60 for Silver; and GHC70 for Gold. Please note for some activities with the award program, additional fees may be involved. For example, adventurous journey and residential project.

The Duke of Edinburgh International Award Scheme is comprised of three levels and four sections. Participants complete all four sections at each level in order to achieve their Award. At Gold level, participants also complete a Residential Project. The Bronze Level is for those students who are 14 years and over. The Silver Level is for those students who are 15 years and over, while the Gold Level is for those 16 years and over. The four sections are: service; skills; physical recreation; and adventurous journey. The residential project is only completed at the Gold level.

University and college admission managers look beyond academic results to find out what makes each student a ‘right fit’ for their institution. While CAS involvement and projects are highly regarded by these managers, a Duke of Edinburgh award demonstrates achievement and commitment, two key factors in success at university, and in life.

I mentioned earlier that it was time for our strategic and balanced students to commence one of the programs. Why? Students training for TISSA sporting teams should tick the Skills or Physical Recreation requirement. Students attending Slapton or ALAMAU, or the French or Spanish Study Tours should tick the residential living requirement. An adventurous journey is being planned for next semester There are various service projects that students have the opportunity to join. However, remember that the two key words are challenge and commitment. Being involved in an activity for two weeks and then ‘becoming busy’ will not demonstrate commitment. G11 students, my advice is to time your completion of the Gold requirements for 31/8/20.

Dr Ken Darvall